Demand That Nestlé Stop the Bottling of California's Water!

A recent petition has been put out demanding an end to Nestlé's bottling of California water.  See the details in the article below to gain a better understanding of what's currently going on.

From the Article: 
"California is in a state of emergency — but our decision makers continue to allow bottled water companies to deplete and profit off of our most precious resource. Sign the petition to demand a stop to the bottling of California's limited water for private profit.

California is home to over 100 bottled water facilities, all of which are exempt from Governor Brown's water restrictions. We know that our water supplies are drying up, yet notorious multinational water hogs like Nestlé continue to make millions selling bottled water. In Sacramento, it is estimated that each year, Nestlé pumps around 50 million gallons of local groundwater to be bottled and sold for 1,000 times the cost of tap water.1 Nestlé pays just shy of $1.00 per 748 gallons of water it taps from Sacramento's municipal water supply, then resells it for thousands of times more in environmentally damaging plastic bottles. Demand that Nestlé stop bottling California's water!

In my role at Food & Water Watch, I work with college students every day from across the country who are fighting back against the bottled water industry's attempts to profit off this essential resource. Through our Take Back the Tap campaign, I help train and mentor student activists who are educating their campus communities on the misconception that bottled water is healthier and more "pure" than tap water.2We're working to build a movement that empowers students to cut ties with bottled water corporations and win back free water. And it's working: Just this year, our coordinators at the University of California, Santa Cruz passed a resolution in support of the Take Back the Tap campaign and received a commitment from their chancellor to ban the sale of bottled water!

While students fight to make their campuses bottled water-free, we need to simultaneously cut off Nestlé at the source. In the midst of a drought, we cannot sit and watch as Nestlé continues to put profit over people and drain our crucial groundwater source. When companies like Nestlé gain access to our water, they take what belongs to that community and sell it elsewhere. Not only does bottling water hurt the communities surrounding the source, it also threatens the environment as a whole: plastic water bottles are energy intensive to make and perpetuate our planet's plastic problem. Take action today to stop Nestlé from profiting off our scarce water supply!

While we have always opposed bottled water, during a historic drought the moral imperative for ending this practice is crystal clear.

When asked in a recent interview why not take the lead in civic responsibility and stop bottling California’s water during a historic drought, Tim Brown, chairman, CEO and president of Nestlé Waters North America, said it is a good civic responsibility to provide hydration and bottled water to the public. Seriously? If Nestlé was actually serious about civic responsibility, they would immediately stop taking our already limited resource and selling it for profit.

Don't let Californians suffer while Nestlé gulps down all of our water. "